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Haregoro - Tennkawa P - Myu

Haregoro – Tennkawa P – Myu






気に入ってる試合:Duelling the KOF 12th Season KOF13CL ベスト8第三試合


みんなに知って欲しい話:今でこそ好きなキャラのアッシュを上手く動かせてますが、それまでは毎日時間を忘れて練習してた成果があるからです。 みなさんもキャラの強い弱いは気にせず好きなキャラを使ってください!

主な大会実績:第5回 KCEカップ 準優勝 Duelling the KOF 12th Season KOF13CLベスト8



Country: Japan

Favourite characters: Ash, Duo Lon, Shen

Likes: San Culotte

Dislikes: Saiki

Favourite match: Duelling the KOF 12th Season KOF13 Climax Top 8’s 3rd match

Future Goals: To win at tournaments!

Would like you to know: I’m known for being good at my favorite character Ash, but it comes as a result from practicing uncountable hours every day. I hope everyone uses their favorite characters, weak or not!

Track Record:

  • Duelling the KOF 12th Season KOF13 CL Best 8

Twitter: @tennkawa1989



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