Merry Xmas! Now Let’s watch #DOA #KOF #GGXRD & #USF4 at #KOFGCC!

We all hope you are nicely stuffed and there’s nothing exciting on TV to watch! If you’re stuck at the dinner table, load this up on your smart device hehehe Today’s entertainment has already begun! Schedule DOA with Emperor Cow ON NOW Watch live video from EmperorCow on KOFGCC USF4/KOF Watch live video from …

Weekend Deals, Combos and Matches #PS4 #USF4 #DOA #CVS2

WIN THIS STICK! Only 500 pieces made worldwide! Click here NOWWWWW!  PRIZES UPDATED!   USF4 A-cho presents us another tournament from Kyoto’s finest, featuring a relentless Rolento in first round that almost scores a perfect versus Honda! Persona 4 Ultimate 2 Adachi Combos!!! Will this guy be the game breaker? Thx to Jourdal2012 KAO! TV …

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