Duelling the KOF Top 8!

Duelling KOF XIII Top 8 [Gussan, Ryu] vs [Takayama, Shugaku] [Fujishima, Tomo@kp] vs [Inocchi, Sora] [Aya, Tenga] vs [Rinomoto, Koukou] [Dune, M’] vs [Kaoru, Woo] Thx Prof Don’t forget there is KOF 98, 2002um, and XIII, and then on Sunday, KOF 95, 97, 2000 and 2002!!!! Tune in tomorrow at from 11.30am (use Prof’s world …

Ichigeki Results & Photos

Some things to note for watching Nico live streams wwwwwww = laughing アイィィィィィィィィィィィィィ = Aiiiiiii – it’s just what they call out at the start = hype. 88888888888 = applause Thx Professor for corrections! Congrats to Koukou and good job to our Orochinagi team Myu and Haregoro! <3 And congratulations to all other participants! “Also …

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