Salt Studies Results and North West Community (EHU – Fighting Game Society).

My name is Dale (AKA Nightfighter), I run the fighting game society at Edge Hill University in Ormskirk. 20 mins from both Preston and Liverpool and 40 minutes from Manchester. ┬áRunning casual meets and tournaments at Edge Hill University (EHU) to get the online warrior into a friendly competitive FG environment. We cater to improve …

360gaming TTT2/UMVC3/KoF13 – London UK, Sun 24 Feb

360gaming are proud to present not one but TWO separate events covering a total of 5 games this month!!!! For the footie fanatics among you, get ready for a FIFA+PES extravaganza on Sun 17th Feb! And for the bloodthirsty fighters, we have a slugfest on Sun 24th Feb consisting of the mainstay Tekken Tag 2, …

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