DOA for xbox1 and PS4 (updated trailer)

Here’s the first teaser trailer! Coming to XBOX1 and PS4, it at least confirms to have the bonus characters from the latest updates. Update: REAL TRAILER The question is, what else would be included to merit upgrading to the next gen? Stay tuned!

The Rhythm of Fighters!

Taking ‘dance to the beat’ to another level. This game is perhaps unlike any other dancing game as it involves actual combos!!!! Snk has just opened the teaser site, so stay tuned for more info and follower @snkpofficial on twitter!  

New #P4UUSH and #PERSONA5 Trailer

Atlus has released the new trailer to explain the story of the P4U sequel and it looks like the shadow versions have a lot to do with it… You’ll also see more of the new character, Minazuki Sho, and then we have a little teaser glimpse of perhaps a certain…

UK TTT2 Major – Saturday 17th August 2013, London UK (by 360GamingUK)

After months of hype during all these regular Tekken events in the UK, the MAIN EVENT has finally arrived!!!! [youtube][/youtube] * £600 PRIZE POT!!! * 25 SCREENS TO PLAY TEKKEN TILL YOU DROP!!! * The legendary ASIM, COBRA COMMANDER, STARSCREAM, PRODIGAL SON RYAN HART, DINOSAUR, ROO KANG, KING JAE AND…


I would like announce the new tutorial series for DEAD OR ALIVE 5 made by myself. which can be found here: This video is a main interface which will link to a 12 video series that is meant to guide beginners and pros alike through the ins and outs of…