#kof2002um #kof98 matches from Nishinippori

Pool of players : ICCHI , Onochan , Shoki , Mononofu , Ryoji , Tiana , May Purupu , Yukito , Yattane Tae-chan , JINKI , ATM , Rosshi , Shikachi , Cap , Akki , Kumo , Y , Tonkatsu Team 1p : ICCHI , Tiana , Ryoji , Io , Yukito Team 2p …

Classic SNK footage round up

By sheer coincidence, a lot of places have been brimming with SNK footage lately, including games such as KoF 98, Real Bout, Last Blade and more : First, let’s start with some Real Bout 1 footage fresh out of the oven by youtube user rb1ukyo A set of casuals from rb1ukyo, even though they haven’t …

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