[youtube][/youtube] This is the orochinagi edit with commentary. Sometimes, matches are too fast to have a proper chat… go to these channels and search their collection for “SVB” or “Super vs Battle” to find the other videos of group qualifiers/ casuals.

SVB 2009: Day 2… and THAT money match

   FGC News ,,,   September 17, 2009  3 Comments

SVB has claimed all my footage for the upcoming DVD… so… depending on what they use, that may well be it for now. [youtube][/youtube] And now for a little experiment. Wanna add your own annotations to this video? Click here (requires a youtube account)!!

The weekend is OVER

   FGC News ,,   September 14, 2009  No Comments

SVB – Tim119 is the new champ! Congrats!!! Lots of fucking lols, kof heads, and lots of modded sticks! Vids of the finals going up tomorrow. But the rest… hmmm you might have to wait a little longer… Gunsmith is knackered. Back at work and lots of vids to edit,…

SVB Day 1 (Fri)

   FGC News ,,,   September 12, 2009  9 Comments

SF HD: Ugh, looks like animated sick. Tatsunoko vs Capcom Ultimate All Stars: Ugh, looks like animated bits of cardboard. Tekken 6: Well er, it looks nice but you might as well call it Da Vinci Code 3: Angels and Demons and other things with wings. KOF XII: Holy crap…

SVB Gold Pass winner!

   FGC News   September 7, 2009  No Comments

Madjer Hachem sent me a very bizarre message about being a little prince with me in the pocket. Not sure if it’s a French joke but I found it very amusing and so awarded him the SVB Gold Pass! Congrats to him and thanks to everyone else who entered! He…