Stream Replays and @WGC2013 preparation

This weekend was busy. I mean, REALLY busy!  WGC Team Morocco Announced – CCL – LLL.Kenpachi – Piccolo-san – MF|Tom Sawyer – MF|frionel WGC Team France 4th Qualifier ON SHOW: Cul de Sac Highlights: Watch live video from gunsmith_on on TwitchTV COLONOV   Watch live video from colonov on TwitchTV NESTS ZERO …

KOF XIII 3vs3 Paris Report, Photos, Video

In English and Google French 😉 Well this was my first event in Paris, which wouldn’t be possible without Anatole from Arcade Street and SBR’s Rickyo, so a big thanks to them! Secondly, a huge thanks to all the players for coming! 11 Teams = 33 players + 2 or 3 that turned up too …

Atlus Fighting Championships Replay

Well, judging by the amount of entrants, KOF and P4A are far from dead in the US, not that you should ever judge a game’s popularity by (trolling) comments in the chat… Brackets Stream Replays Watch live video from Level|Up Live on TwitchTV

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