Spring 2018 additions

CYS here's a closer look pic.twitter.com/y3UD5xos2q — Shameful Gunsmith #kof15 (@orochinagicom) April 7, 2018 Design available on shirts too! The 2nd version ‘buildings incognito’ is already out!For all you psychotic idol soldiers!  Head to the shop NOW! Did you miss February? It was BRUTAL! plug time, 20% off https://t.co/3NRqUukTXM today, code SPLASH pic.twitter.com/p8mqcG5dzY — Shameful …

CEOTaku Results and Replays

KOF Guides Updates You know the app got updated with Robert and five other characters’ Frame data, right? Go get it! Guide updates and coming soon to app! New YURI combo notes! New VERSE notes! Feedback is pretty much done. We’re sending it off in a day or so. @orochinagicom Thank you! pic.twitter.com/7iPqp5moKL — J-H …

SoCAL Regionals #kof Streaming Now

HERE WE GO!!!! Ok it’s actually actually on now!! Winners: Reynald, XiaoHai, Misterio & El Rosa Loosers: ChrisKOF, Kanibalito, Fabricio & Vicio GET HAIIIIIYYYYUUPPPPPPPP A big thanks to Vicio for running a stream yesterday, we’ll put up a replay recap tomorrow! Brackets  Schedule & stream Sunday : The King of Fighters XIII 2PM-4PM twitch.tv/leveluplive2 Watch live …

Orochi Tees

  [row][column width=”1/2″] [/column][column width=”1/2″][call_to_action style=”default” size=”big” title=”Awesome Gaming Shirts” btn_title=”Visit our Store Now” url=”https://orochinagi.spreadshirt.com” target=”_self” btn_color=”theme” btn_style=”float-btn” effect=”none”]Are you looking for a new awesome gaming shirt?[/call_to_action][/column][/row]      

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