Streaming on Saturday 3ON3 Tokyo

1 leader, 1 advanced and 1 beginner. 1 character each join to make the real 3on3 tournament. We will stream from Shinjuku Playland Carnival, Tokyo at around 15:00 local time JST. Featuring Haregoro, Koukou, Dune, Fox and many more! 4/18(金) 配信 : トーナメント表 : Keep an eye on the twitter for any last minute amendments!

Orochinagi Cup 3on3 in Tokyo

日本語はこちらをご覧ください It’s the return of 3 vs 3 – ONE CHARACTER EACH. The super fun violent fighting to come again! Teams of 3 players will gather at Shinjuku Playland Carnival to compete at the Orochinagi Cup! 19th April 15:00 start (JST) 100 yen Entry Square / Box Layout only Stream: Brackets: There will be some …

KCE Post Cup and V1 Matches

A set of casuals held in Shinjuku Playland Carnival during the 2013/1/13 , The first player side has only Korean players and the second player side has only Japanese players. Remember to keep yourself in touch with the KCE footage providing sites, like their official website [ ] , their main niconico folder [ …

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