#KOFXIV Desk, Wolf, Kendeep, Atma, Dune

Updated with Atma and Dune Ok, it’s going to get silly now. Everyone is on this and I can’t repost every mother and their son making stuff, so I’ll just post stuff from the community I know so far. And I need to get back to the shed. Won’t be posting so much …. As …


Spooky on SF Watch live video from TeamSp00ky on www.twitch.tv KBP streaming KOF now Watch live video from kpbfgc on www.twitch.tv Bifuteki Soul Calibur Watch live video from bifuteki on www.twitch.tv St1ckBug Blazblue Chronophantasma Watch live video from St1ckBuG on www.twitch.tv Kombat Network Stream – Injustice Watch live video from Kombatnetwork on www.twitch.tv

Support GSU.Kusanagi at Evo!

Allow me to introduce to you GSU.Maivine Kusanagi. He’s 13. He’s originally a SFIV player. Yeah. With that name. Recently I’ve seen him around at various events and FINALLY he’s picked up KOF XIII. And he’s using that character. I think we have a good international representation of dudes going to EVO but it’s good …


The winners of SFIV and KOF XIII will fly to Las Vegas with one week in a hotel, all paid for!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! PARIS FULL CONTACT 8th and 9th June. The venue is near Nation station (close to Arcade Street). White Dream, 38 rue des Ormeaux. Sooooo it’s .. next week! ┬áHuh… last chance for sniping those …

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