New ON Rep / BubblanAB7/ Ruslyg Combos

Please give a welcome to the newest member of our clan! ON.SB.Force D Gyp     He’s our rep for Belgium, often travelling to compete, defeating WW.MCZ.Ryan Hart at WGC only to lose to MM.Salim, then later that year coming 2nd at Paris Full Contact. Check out these recent matches for bragging rights – the …

#p4a2 Persona 4 Arena.2 Loketest Videos + Updated Changelog

As I was away I wasn’t able to update the site, which is why you’re seeing a flurry of activity as I’m back. Here are some re-uploads of the loketest footage since the originals have been taken down. ¬†You gotta be quick! After the video is the changelog (subject to change) har har …

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