SNK and Capcom competing @PSX 2016

Game announcements, lion haircuts, plus the Frame Data App got an update too. PSX was a crazy weekend for fighting games.  Both SNK and Capcom were out with guns blazing, making announcements to get the old and the new FGC into a frenzy.  It’s already been one year since Oda was at PSX2015 showing KOF14, …

Hyper Battle live now

Hyper Battle is currently going underway right now…. Kings of Colorado crew will stream KOF all day exclusively on their channel… The tournaments has a few special guests like Juan form Mexicali, ST.TL|Khanibalito, and Romance… What are you waiting for? Tune in:

KOF XIII casuals prior to Hyper Battle

The amazing crew in Colorado is streaming casuals for KOF XIII right now. They have also confirmed that since the main game is KOF. KOF will take priority, and will be the only game that will stream exclusively from their channel for the entire Hyper Battle event… so go check out some casuals now with …

Romance, Reynald, Alice chan, Mari chan, The Russians and stunning Mai!

Thanks to Keech, we can see how the Russians are levelling up at 13! Recaps from the Runbacks: Romance vs Reynald Alice-chan vs Mari-chan Carnival is streaming again right now on ustream! Should be all day today and tomorrow! Who will get on stream? Hehehe maybe now you can recognise certain teams… Oh and …

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