Super Trolling: “New KOF” lol

LESSONS IN HOW TO TROLL NeoGaf forum user Slamtastic posted this: “NEW KOF ANNOUNCED, MAI CONFIRMED” The game is called “King of Fate”. As you can see, it’s actually a scrolling beat em up, featuring special guest KOF characters. You can imagine the response… Full marks awarded for having the courage… But it is licensed, legit …

Fatal Fury 2 Laserdisc

Retro Realities didn’t waste any time.  The nostalgia, coupled with some tips and tricks that you might not have seen, all packed neatly into one hour on youtube.  I especially like watching the player get cocky with their pattern-abusing-perfect, only to get hit out of nowhere by the CPU.  This is the game that really …

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