KOF02UM QQ Practice Mode

Yes, there is training mode in KOF02UM for QQ Games.   Do you know how to get to training mode in 98UMFE, does it even have training mode? Shoot us a reply!

KOF 02 Unlimited Match Tencent Tournament Details

Just recently revealed a couple of hours ago. Tencent has officially announced more details about its KOF02UM tournament taking place in Shanghai Tonji University in China. The date is set to be June 3. There will be 4 invited players from Korea, Taiwan, Hong Kong, and Japan. There will be…

98FE Matches on QQ

   FGC News ,   October 21, 2013  5 Comments

NESTS ZERO put up some videos of KOF98 Final Edition on the QQ network… and regardless of the shaky start, there is some high level play here, with 98FE finally getting the attention it deserves. Check em out!   Thx to Nests Zero for the link!