ON Championships 5 replay + VSFT Photos

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Partnering up with GWAK.FR for commentary in English and France Crazy people turned up on a Tuesday evening straight after PFC to enter this gauntlet to win the gold! A whole load of photos have been added to FB by VSFT. Check them out here.

EX Kyo Andy Andy Leona Tutorials by Juicebox

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Didn’t have time to mention these in the run up to PFC but Juice has just added his tutorial for EX Kyo!  Andy comes in two parts! Check em out!

Paris Full Contact Trailer, KOF Team Battle, Yatagarasu in HOG and AS

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PARIS FULL CONTACT Sooooo it’s .. next week.  Huh… last chance for sniping those tickets to Evo. The French came to London and took the VXG qualifier for UMVC3, will a foreigner invade and do the same on French soil?  Here’s the trailer! If you cannot view it, visit the…


The winners of SFIV and KOF XIII will fly to Las Vegas with one week in a hotel, all paid for!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! PARIS FULL CONTACT 8th and 9th June. The venue is near Nation station (close to Arcade Street). White Dream, 38 rue des Ormeaux. Sooooo it’s .. next week!  Huh……