KoF XIII :Kozuka/Tenga vs Kaoru (2012/8/11)

We have more matches from nico user OTIKA, this time Kansai’s strongest legend Kaoru faces off with Kozuka. Just like Tenga, Kozuka has had quite a number of nicks throughout his fighting career, I think that his most famous nick is Kazu which he used for 2k2 (or it was Kasu?). Anyway, I am under …

KoF XIII : Tenga vs Woo (2012/8/11)

Tenga [ 天河 ] or “Milky Way” also goes by Tenkawa, he is pretty famous for being quite skilled with the Ash/Duo/Shen team, who he usually picks in every game (yes, even pre XIII) Woo is a famous Kansai player who usually teams up with Kaoru and Kaoru helds in pretty high regard, Woo is …


After Myu suffered a lost in the previous matches, it’s Azuki Neko’s turn to take the wheels and fight it off against Pam & Anime Sommelier, however Myu has yet to leave the premises. Original upload thanks to nico user OTIKA Title : 【KOF XIII 企画対戦会part1-3】ミュー&あずき猫 VS パム&アニメ Source : http://www.nicovideo.jp/watch/sm18798040http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Kt_lz9e5ZXU&feature=em-uploademail

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