Global KOF: Misterio / FReeZer / Rinomoto / Semper

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Chile Meliblipas Tournament Finals TOP 3- NEM|FlandersKOF – XTR|Huevo – LDA|Misterio Check out the M replays from this weekend, with some cool moments such as 40.50 showing the quick thinking of Misterio to take advantage of Yuri power! Misterio has captured matches off stream too, featuring ON|Tortita vs Baek check…

3on3 Orochinagi Cup Stream #kof13

It’s 3am here and 10am in Tokyo! They should start streaming now! So let’s see who will carry their partners to the top!!

Fox vs Jinpachi FT5, #UNIEL Tiers, 第2回オロチナギ杯, #KOFXIII

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KOFXIII Fox vs Jinpachi FT5 Fox says: ‘one of the best 3 players of Kansai with Kaoru and Woo, and has the best Kyo, up with Rinomoto’ Well I’m sure Dune will love hearing that… Dont forget this weekend we’ll have our first stage to Road to DUELLING! Thanks to…

Orochinagi Cup 3on3 in Tokyo

日本語はこちらをご覧ください It’s the return of 3 vs 3 – ONE CHARACTER EACH. The super fun violent fighting to come again! Teams of 3 players will gather at Shinjuku Playland Carnival to compete at the Orochinagi Cup! 19th April 15:00 start (JST) 100 yen Entry Square / Box Layout only Stream:…