#NEC14 #KOFXIII Replays @kickpunchblock

Enjoy the nicely organised and cut up footage for your viewing pleasure from last weekend’s fighting ferocity, featuring Romance, Flocker, PachuKOF, DJ Houshen and Common Sense! direct link Grand Finals Thanks to KPB for the stream and youtube backup! OH THE COUNTERPICKING OH SHHHH You saw Gaku, you saw Tikok, you saw Toshi, now… EVERYONE …

OH it’s not a free NEO GEO?

So they have finally revealed the handheld fits into a case and looks like an AES.  But it’s NOT an AES. It will not accept cartridges… Hmmm….  Still, it looks rather nice and has that all important HDMI output and the stick ports are USB!!!!   But If you’re looking for an uptodate AES… this …

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