#KOF XIII #EVO2014 Pools & Money Matches

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Kings of CO have uploaded matches from their stream! I suppose I should go “Wooooooooo!!” but pshaw, Bubblan could’ve won that one! Check out more here

#DKOSE Replays #ST #USF4 #KOF #UMVC #Jojo

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Here are all the final stage matches from the event in Rouen! Had a smashing time, will go again (but only if I can a hotel next door)! Featuring: Jojo SF3.3 ST USF4 Mahvel KOF Don’t forget the newest update for MSD! Shoutout to the good folks at @SNKPofficial for…

Hayabusa Sticks and #DOA #KOF #BBCP matches

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Arcade Shock will be selling the best sticks on the market, without having to buy the most expensive sticks on the market! Hori’s Hayabusa sticks will be on sale at EVO2014. An Hori Fighting Edge Stick wouldn’t be complete without it’s necessary parts. #Hayabusa #Kuro @horiusainc #EVO2014 pic.twitter.com/IloqwPDotY — Arcade…

Dooms vs Luis Cha #kof #Stunfest prep.

Luis arrived last night and of course it was high time for some download- er matches! I had a few matches and was easily finished, Luis plays a solid game, only leaving the minimal gaps for you to do something, which if you don’t use, you’ll end up blocking another…

1st ON Ranbats(MO) matches

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Top 8 Winners Top 8 losers Top 8 losers Top 4 losers Grand Final FT5 : FreeZer vs Frionel