The ON Show Live S02E03

   kof   June 8, 2015  2 Comments

Going over my sub list, commentating on various matches. Should be about 30 mins! STARTS AT 10 PM GMT+2 (in a few minutes from this post!!!)

Metal Slug Competition + Matches from Japan #USF4 #KOF and more!

   kof ,,   March 27, 2015  6 Comments

Today we have a cool competition and a whole load of match footage including tournaments for a range of games including Ultra, BBCP, KOF2002UM, Third Strike, Persona 4 and more! COMPETITION! We have 10 (TEN) Metal Slug codes to give away! These are CROSS BUY – that means once you have…

Red Fight District #RFD #KOF Finals

Winners Finals feat MD.Luffy and CDV.Will2Pac Losers finals feat MD.Luffy and Mtk.Salim followed by Grand Finals with that gut clenching finish!!! More matches feat Shadow Queute More from the bracket at the channel! (+ more coming soon I hope!)

Road to #Duelling Matches

   kof ,,   September 20, 2014  No Comments

Not the best quality but at least you can see the struggle to win a flight to Kyoto will be high level in the end! More matches being recorded today – I’ll be streaming next week!!!           >> MORE INFO 

Shadowloo Showdown KoF XIII Pool Matches Featuring KDIT | Ren, KOK, Ryan Hart and ON | Colonov

Only top 4 for KoF XIII was streamed at Shadowloo Showdown, but Theundyingmage recorded some pool matches the day before featuring KDIT | Ren, KOK and a few others. Worth a watch! KDIT | Ren Vs ON | Colonov Ryan Hart Vs Weskim KOK Vs Baxter KOK Vs Falco Toxy…