#evo2015 Madcatz streaming now #KOF #Yatagarasu #BBCP #GGXRD

The stream has started and you should be able to catch an hour of Yatagarasu before the final stages of KOF but it seems KOF is starting RIGHT NOW. Then later on you’ll see BBCP and GGXRD. Kof Brackets So we should be seeing El rosa vs Kanibalito, violent kain vs Chriskof, kira vs Ren, …

#KOFXIII #EVO #DUELLING Stream & Schedule (updated 16 July!)

REGISTRATION So far, we have 72┬áregistered players for the community ran KOF XIII side tournament at Evo 2015. Registration for EVO is now closed. If you have already registered for EVO and want to enter the KOF tournament,┬áplease register HERE! The community composed of community old-schoolers, local tournament organizers, and well known streamers is working …

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