Nelson’s back story, MSA Leona #KOFXIV Digest

Check out the backstory for the newcomers featured in the latest trailer, plus trending posts on Facebook, event reminders and the latest tweets, all neatly in one post. ATHENA ASAMIYA Serious and polite high school girl, Athena fights her enemies by combining her Chinese martial arts techniques and her natural psychic powers. Respecting the KOF …

#jojo_asb “suicide” patch

Toxico reports: Diavolo’s infinite is removed. Corner infinites have been removed as well…. by modifying the gravity near the wall, meaning that pretty much all combos are lost near the wall. And notice that is near the wall, not only “with the enemy against the wall”, this retarded measure certainly makes the game more boring and …

V-1 Final / JVK Results

There was like 110K viewers counting re-entrance, in comparison, 3rdStrike had like 150K. Results: 2on2: Interestingly Voice Actor Yukiichi teamed up with Kenssouzang! France’s Chocbotiger didn’t make it past preliminaries but bravo for participating! 1st: West-Japan team(Fujishima, Sange Tenchou) 2nd: East-Japan team(Rinomoto, Picnic) MadKOF teamed with Gutts, Lacid teamed with Verna. They both did very …


After Myu suffered a lost in the previous matches, it’s Azuki Neko’s turn to take the wheels and fight it off against Pam & Anime Sommelier, however Myu has yet to leave the premises. Original upload thanks to nico user OTIKA Title : 【KOF XIII 企画対戦会part1-3】ミュー&あずき猫 VS パム&アニメ Source :

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