#IVGC Video Interviews: @bubblanab7 @balaluisito @ryanjosephart @WhiteBl4ck @Xianmsg and more

Check out this playlist from LoopingShowGame, featuring interviews with Salim, Louffy, Xian, Bala, Bubblan and more at IVGC 2014! Humm maybe I should shave off that thing under my lip. Or maybe plait it? Check out more from LoopingShowGame! HEEEELPPPP 4 DAYS LEFT [donation-can goal_id=’get-the-fox-out’ style_id=’default’ show_progress=true show_description=true show_donations=false show_title=true title=”]

#ivgc Team Battle/ Bala, BigFool, Ryan Hart & Will2Pac

Team Battle A. Gunsmith, Martin, Shaman, Mitch, Makbeth, Bubblan, Salad, Bubblan B. Roatse, Sean, Shinkawa, BigFool, Semper, Tahar, Reds, Queuete, Bala === More casuals after this important message! === HELP FOX GET TO KOREA!!! Every donator over 20€ will be entered into a draw to win a tshirt signed by the stars of the Global …


to korea!!! THIS GAIJIN CAN WIN! CE GAIJIN PEUT GAGNER! CAFEID GLOBAL TOURNAMENT Nous (MM,SBR,ON) voulions envoyer Frionel, mais ca sera moins cher pour Fox du fait qu’il est déja au Japon … Si l’objectif n’est pas atteint au 25 Mars, vous serez remboursé (moins les frais paypal) We want to send Frionel but Fox …

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