Leo as Guilty Gear Xrd DLC and app #ggxrd

Huh. ’17 characters worth by the end of the year’ ’online lobby  64 people maximum’  Also, apparently in development, a PS4  smartphone  application which will provide notification of tournament creation and entry, match start; confirmation of the contents and results. source   More info to come! ブリジット #GG版深夜の真剣お絵描き60分一本勝負 pic.twitter.com/QiVHb0buPu — sk3(せきさん) (@sowel_sk3) May 10,…

KOF XIII : FT5 matches from Morocco

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AtmanGaara vs ON.MF l FReeZer PART1 PART2 MF l Neo vs MF l WBS ON.MF|Freezer Vs MF|Oubah MF|Wbs VS MF|Oubah MF|Oubah VS MF|X-Frame ON.MF l FReeZer vs Ajeddou PART1 PART2