OzHadou Nationals 11 + Tiers

There’s no escape!!! The longest running annual fighting game tournament for Australia – the ‘OzHadou Nationals’ (OHN) – will take place in Sydney, Australia next year from February the 22nd through until February the 24th. Once again our venue will be the ‘Red Room’ which is located in the Sydney CBD at ’99 on York’ on 99 …

KoF XIII CMV – EX Kyo Kusanagi : Nests Edition

For my new CMV, it features the rekka crazed EX Kyo! I was surprised with how much dexterity and timing was needed for some of his combo, and it became more apparent the more I worked on him. Expect lots of Neomax usage! [youtube]http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=CbP8SoxoKZs[/youtube] Enjoy!

Stun Combos for Kyo and Nests Iori

Outphase1984 uploaded the following combos by [CS KOF13] This perhaps seems to be the easiest stun combo for Kyo.  Quite worrying, really!  Don’t forget how the shortcuts make it much easier. Then they go into Nests Iori and recover the empty aoi hana rekka semi infinite combo.  Semi because it relied on an empty drive bar. …

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