The Gulf King of Fighters Tournament @Muscat, Oman

This week on Friday 9th of January the FGC in Oman are organizing the first middle east tournament in 2015 at Chief-inn resturant hall, Muscat, Oman The main event would be The king of Fighters XIII tournament (Double elimination) Tournament rules also there will be side tournaments for Ultra Street fighter VI,…

KOF-Bahrain community tournament featuring Busterwolf-R and Guest players from KSA

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Some matches from the latest KOF XIII tournament in Bahrain featuring Busterwolf-R, Maxato and Twinleapard from KSA     for more KOF action from the growing Bahrain community make sure to subscribe to  KOF Bahrain  channel.

CafeID @Dubai Events schedule

CafeID team will be coming from France to UAE tomorrow below is the schedule for the planned events: Thursday they will reach Abudhabi airport around 9:00 pm there is a possibility we will be playing and streaming casuals from Emirates Academy Friday Battle ground cafe in Abudhabi will be hosting…

KOF XIII in Saudi Arabia

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KOF players from KSA made a specialized  youtube channel for their local KOF XIII scene Here are some of the matches [youtube][/youtube] [youtube][/youtube] [youtube][/youtube]