Send Will2pac to Evo – Win a stick!

Will2Pac has been known for many things. For winning KOF2002 and KOF13 tournaments, for defeating various big names such as Koukou and Chris G, amongst others. He now has a famous winpose lol. Let’s cut to the chase, he nearly has enough money to go to EVO, which will also give Kou Kou and Chris …

The Fight for the Honour of Japan (V1 Finals)

If you remember the V1 finals, there was also a Japan vs Korea match 5v5. As they were all vying for a spot, they held matches to decide who would go in the team. The participants: ON|Haregoro Nagihey Rinomoto Kou Kou Picnic Players that alread had a place in the team (like Shoki & Ogosho) …

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