98FE Matches

   FGC News   August 6, 2011  3 Comments

All new backgrounds, tweaks… but … all focus is on XIII. However, if you’re living under a rock and refuse to play a new KOF/ or are uber and can play more than one KOF at a time then enjoy these videos!

First Video of KOF 98FE

   FGC News ,   February 16, 2011  No Comments

SonicTempest posted about SNK opening a blog about 98FE, but while waiting for a translation, Toxic Avanger posted the first video, check it out here!  Beni’s qcf+C can juggle!?  Note this is not just a video, but a tournament! https://youtube.com/watch?v=zwd-wlQvlIc%26hl Discussion Thread

KOF 98FE Changes (Unconfirmed) (Updated with Translation)

   FGC News ,   December 28, 2010  1 Comment

Apparently from the upcoming Arcadia, a11111357 posted a long list of changes for this upcoming rework of KOF98UM. It could all be fake, but makes interesting reading. Here’s a translation by our very own SonicTempest: Quick summary – Iori and Krauser nerfed, everyone else buffed. Attacks that were easy to…