KCE CUP 5 / V-1 Final / JvK Updates

**updated with results *now with extra info supplied by Professor of MMC KCE CUP 5 Prelimary winners: Team 1: Kyabetsu (Evo 9th place winner), Koukou Team 2: Rinomoto, Picnic Team 3: Ogosho (Two-time SBO champion), Dune Team 4: ON|Haregoro, Hisa Team 5: Tenkawa, ON|Myu Team 6: Nagihey, Gaku Team 7: Picnic, Rinomoto KCE CUP 5 RESULTS MadKOF …

KCE 399, 400 – KOF2002UM Cup

So you want more old KOF? *sigh* We aim to please! This just in from KCE! More top tier action from Japan! Mari chan is here too! 「KOF2002UM KCE公開動画399 第3回KCEカップ02UM部門準決勝」 続きはこちら⇒ http://www.nicovideo.jp/watch/1339688461?nicorepomail 「KOF2002UM KCE公開動画400 第3回KCEカップ02UM部門決勝」 続きはこちら⇒ http://www.nicovideo.jp/watch/1339703403?nicorepomail

Interview with Fox, WGC 2002um Winner

Maxmode has now translated the interview with Fox so you can read about how he felt winning the 2002um tournament at Cannes, his rivalry with Frionel and Salim, leaving France, the scene in Guadeloupe and returning for the tournament. Hi Marvin, first of all, can you introduce yourself. It seems no one knows you. When …

The PFFTW Sessions 19th Feb

Also known as “The Exposed” Sessions… Present: Atb_555, Giga D, Kusogaki, Michels and Gunsmith This was 2002um but later we put on 94…. Good session, lots of fun, unfortunately no footage of Gunsmith’s Orochi Shermie but tactics are being accumulated… now if somebody could explain what can stop the Max2 lightning sometimes hitting her that …

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