Kuso #KOF + Upcoming Tournaments #stunfest #KOFXI #KOF2K #KOF94

HEY! One more chance to grab a Stunfest ticket NOWWWWW¬†– last 8 tickets! GOLDEN WEEK Just some quick info about what’s coming up (one already passed) April 26 [ Kuso KOF tournament (KOF94, 2K, 11) ] A tournament where the only thing close to a rule is to do whatever broken stuff is possible in …

Versus Brasil – Brazillian Major featuring KOF XIII (and XI!!!) this weekend

This is another great weekend in the history of the brazillian FGC, Versus Brazil, the third major brazillian fighting game event in 2012 (and in our whole history!) , the tournament happens in a really neat hotel in Teres√≥polis, Rio de Janeiro, with two days of fiery competition in 6 different games, KOF XIII, KOF …

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