KOF 95 PS3 Review

   FGC News ,,   September 1, 2011  5 Comments

Waiting for the King of Fighters XIII is excruciating.  SNKP have taken a very long time to release the older KOF titles on the next generation machines and at this point the fan base seems to be split into two schools – the old (who won’t play the newer titles)…

KOF 95 2002UM XIII Matches

   FGC News ,   March 22, 2011  1 Comment

KOF95: Things just get bloody ridiculous by the second match. Crossups all over the place and link combos you haven’t seen before on any gamest laserdisc… It’s always interesting to see what old players apply to old games what they have learnt in new ones… KOF 95 野試合 2011/03/10 ② 池袋ラスベガス KCE KOF XIII…

SMOAI KOF95 2002UM JPN Versus Festival Matches

The old and new battling continues: 2011 03/07 KOF02UM 西日暮里VERSUS・第29回紅白戦 Part3 2011 03/07 KOF02UM 西日暮里VERSUS・第29回紅白戦 Part4 LAST KOF95 野試合 2011/03/07 池袋ラスベガス http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=2vYcAt9n32M Source NICO http://www.nicovideo.jp/watch/sm13827706

Retro Reality KOF 95 Laserdisk

One of our community members, Arasoi, has opened up a new website about Retro gaming, and has uploaded a load old laserdisks (LD). If you’re old enough you may remember walking into an import shop and seeing these huge discs which only the more wealthy fan could watch (yes they…