Interview with the best Ralf in Japan: MYU

(English and Japanese) As part of our interview series, our next is with Japan’s resident Clark and Ralf specialist, Myu, talking about character love, running tournaments and extra special cosplays.  He also plays Third Strike! 1. Hello Myu-san, what’s happening with you? I’m doing well and playing. My local arcade just closed, so I’m wondering …

KCE 5v5 feat KaneBlueriver

Dune has uploaded these videos of the 5v5, featuring SonSon, Ringo, Pam, M’, Tenkawa, plus the visiting KaneBlueRiver, Myu and Haregoro and more, plus some casuals before the match. kce 5vs 5 This video contains the matches in 5vs5 event which was held in 21th.4.2013. The event is casual , so please get comfortable when …

KCE Post Cup and V1 Matches

A set of casuals held in Shinjuku Playland Carnival during the 2013/1/13 , The first player side has only Korean players and the second player side has only Japanese players. Remember to keep yourself in touch with the KCE footage providing sites, like their official website [ ] , their main niconico folder [ …

KCE: K’ and Hwa

More analysis from Dune and the gang, this time with everyone’s favourite sun abhorring but not quite emo kid, K’. ▽動画が2件追加されました。 「KOF XIII KCE公開動画455 対戦攻略by狐塚 K’編前半」 続きはこちら⇒ 「KOF XIII KCE公開動画456 対戦攻略by狐塚 K’編後半」 続きはこちら⇒ And here’s Hwa ▽動画が3件追加されました。 「KOF XIII KCE公開動画452 基本解説講座 ホア編vol.1」 続きはこちら⇒ 「KOF XIII KCE公開動画453 基本解説講座 ホア編vol.2」 続きはこちら⇒ 「KOF XIII KCE公開動画454 基本解説講座 ホア編vol.3」 続きはこちら⇒

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