#KOFSurvey will be open until Dec. 10th, 2016 for all languages. That's because our community effort is now supported by SNK! — James Alderson (@Reiki_Kito) December 2, 2016 There is a community survey to express customer feelings.  It is now officially supported by SNK.  They WILL be reading the results.  YOUR opinion matters.

AzukiCup 2v2 #KOF (26 Apr) Tag Tournament Replays

The next one is still running right now but if you’re not watching Nico, here are the replays from the last one, featuring Nagihe, Shusai (Azuki Neko), Gaku and more!!! brackets (japanese) more info (jp) Thanks to Keykakko Thanks to Chocobotiger for translation of winners’ names (Shusai=AzukiNeko!!! and Mau).

#Bala #CapcomOlympic #CIVGC #SFAE #Italy #kofxiiise #cyberbots #sfz3

BALA AT CIVGC MX Bala is confirmed for Cannes International Video Game Cup. Also confirmed: Bubblan from Sweden, Big Fool from the UK, Sean from Italy!   Bala Photo courtesy of Rock Lee  a-cho ALL CAPCOM Histrical vsgame Olympic 2014 「カプコン祭」 終了後 サイバーボッツ野試合(2014.1.13) This event took place Jan 13 and involved many Capcom games, here’s …

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