#IVGC Video Interviews: @bubblanab7 @balaluisito @ryanjosephart @WhiteBl4ck @Xianmsg and more

Check out this playlist from LoopingShowGame, featuring interviews with Salim, Louffy, Xian, Bala, Bubblan and more at IVGC 2014! Humm maybe I should shave off that thing under my lip. Or maybe plait it? Check out more from LoopingShowGame! HEEEELPPPP 4 DAYS LEFT [donation-can goal_id=’get-the-fox-out’ style_id=’default’ show_progress=true show_description=true show_donations=false show_title=true title=”]

#ivgc Team Battle/ Bala, BigFool, Ryan Hart & Will2Pac

Team Battle A. Gunsmith, Martin, Shaman, Mitch, Makbeth, Bubblan, Salad, Bubblan B. Roatse, Sean, Shinkawa, BigFool, Semper, Tahar, Reds, Queuete, Bala === More casuals after this important message! === HELP FOX GET TO KOREA!!! Every donator over 20€ will be entered into a draw to win a tshirt signed by the stars of the Global …

#KOFXIII #IVCG 5v5 Qualifiers #BBCP Tournois @versusdojo

Merci a Maxmode pour la traduction KOFXIII Nos amis du Versus Dojo organisent un tournoi KOFXIII Samedi 8 Février 2014 à 15h00. Voici les infos utiles : TARIF : €15 FORMAT FT2 en Double Elimination + 2 postes de freeplay toute la journée GAINS 1er – Entre 10 et 19 participants = Casque TRITTON AX180 pour PS4/PS3 /360/WiiU/PC/ …

Confirmed @XianMSG will be at #IVGC + #SF4U

Thanks to the Versus Dojo (@VersusDojo) our main tournament qualifier partner, we’re happy to announce that Kun Xian Ho AKA “Xian” (@XianMSG) will join us for this first International Video Game Cup. (Huh….. wonder who will win out of Bala vs Xian? Only one way to find out…) Xian is the most successful player of 2013, before & after his victory at the Super …

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