#IVGC Photos by @lauragrb

Thanks to Laura & Neo Penny! The rest are from yours truly :3 Soooooo next tournaments: Hypespotting, Global ID, Stunfest, Republic of Fighters, SSD Gaming, Summer Event and Apocaplypse in Paris.  More info up next!!!

Ren, Oogosho, Koukou confirmed For #Globalid + Hotel Discount

 WHO’S NEXT? Ren, EVO finalist, Oogosho -the infamous 2002um specialist, and Koukou – stunfest 2v2 champion, have confirmed their attendance for #GLOBALID!  With more top fighters in line, it’s gonna be a night to remember!  Will you be a part of it? To help fighters assemble, Cafeid have worked with…

Happy New Year!

Wishing you all the best for 2014, wherever you are and whatever game you’re playing!!! We look forward to seeing you at Hypespotting 3, Cannes, Socal Regionals, Global ID Tournament, and all the others!  

#GGACR Mikado 2013/10/30

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GGACR Tournament at Mikado Good preparation for IVGC! Original Nicovideo Title: 高田馬場ミカド GGXX AC+R 10月30日 水曜 初中級者交流大会3ON その1 Original Nicovideo Description: GGXXACイベントスケジュール→http://mikadoggxx.blog.fc2.com/blog-e…→http://bit.ly/Ahx0iUその他ミカド関連動画 ⇒ mylist/28854375GGXXAC+Rマイリスト ⇒ mylist/33951612ミカドコミュ ⇒ co1154974続きリンク  Original Nico ID: sm22293139

#KOFSEXIII Friends List #kofxiiise #steam

For Steam, obviously. Ratings are based on knowledge and experience, if you unnerve some of these high skill players, you could still beat them! (High Skill) Someone who knows the game really well, and won’t hold back! (New) Someone new to the game Everyone else is either experienced or unknown…