Now Streaming: VGM TEC in Chile!

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Make sure to catch the end of this very hype tournament! Stream!     Bracket!

Duelling EU Qualifiers Results and videos #KOF13

So we didn’t need to finish each tournament since we only needed the qualifiers of each stage. Look out for the super hype finals and the most hype moment was between the Pharaon and Tahar, where Tahar was the favourite… Brackets Stage 3 Final 8 Videos Photos THANK YOU: RICKYO,…

The KOF Challenge II Live from Tijuana

Right now we have The KOF Challenge live from Tijuana Mexico with outstanding players such as ET, Khanibalito, Koopa, Kula and many others… You definetely do not want to miss this exciting tournament!!!

Texas Showdown 2014 KoF XIII TOP 8!

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This is gonna be hype!

Killer Instinct Q and A today

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October 31st at 12pm PDT/3pm EDT Here’s an opportunity to really grill the developers on exactly how this will actually be a serious competitive fighter, or perhaps just a good time to talk crap with the stream monsters. Are you hype for Killer Instinct? Will this game be hype…