HUGE GGXRD Scans / WIN THIS STICK / Steam Bundle

GGXRD HUGE Famitsu & Dengeki scans, showing the game system, modes and other bits and bobs in errr HD!   WIN THIS STICK! Duelling the KOF Update In English et en Français Click here NOWWWWW! a donator will win this special edition EVO stick, courtesy of Shoryutech! Video…

Secret of Systems Guide by Gato Ray #kof13se

   FGC News ,,   September 11, 2013  No Comments

Secret of System Guide has been added to the HUGE tutorial page in the wiki. Thanks to Gato Ray it is subtitled in English and covers alternating guard and notes on HD activation.  Check it out!

Paypal attacks #Yatagarasu

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While Paypal has been a convenient way to avoid insane bank charges when transferring money, it also seems to have a track record of not coughing up the cash when it comes to fundraising… Edit: in a nutshell, Paypal was not releasing the funds held to the developers. UPDATE: “PayPal…