KOF at HOG and Ranbats Morocco Results

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KOF Top 5 1st. Piccolo 2nd. Anouar 3rd. Rayden 4th. Supa 5th. Dango and Tenrai GG+R 1st. TAB 2nd. Luke 3rd. Robo 4th. Sean 5th. Ope and Finches thx TRUE.SUPA ON RANBATS MOROCCO 1-MF Frionel 2-MF ON Freezer 3 ICHISIM 4 AJEDDOU 5 MF OUBAH 5 ADAMOVIC 7 MAJ-KOF 7…

Crossup Supers. Misterio/Sawyer #KOF

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Seems legit! Could be a very expensive but horrible way to dish out some wtf damage lollll thx Sol3Chris! Here’s some new footage of Misterio vs Tom Sawyer FT10 thx to Yox And don’t forget we have a big weekend with KOF at the HOG and AIP3 in Paris

Paris Full Contact Trailer, KOF Team Battle, Yatagarasu in HOG and AS

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PARIS FULL CONTACT Sooooo it’s .. next week.  Huh… last chance for sniping those tickets to Evo. The French came to London and took the VXG qualifier for UMVC3, will a foreigner invade and do the same on French soil?  Here’s the trailer! If you cannot view it, visit the…