Ren, Oogosho, Koukou confirmed For #Globalid + Hotel Discount

 WHO’S NEXT? Ren, EVO finalist, Oogosho -the infamous 2002um specialist, and Koukou – stunfest 2v2 champion, have confirmed their attendance for #GLOBALID!  With more top fighters in line, it’s gonna be a night to remember!  Will you be a part of it? To help fighters assemble, Cafeid have worked with Jeju hotel for a special …

MadKOF vs Team China & Xiaohai #KOF98 #KOFXIII

Yes, you heard that right! Cafeid visited China in part to talk to the FGC about the upcoming Global Tournament, and MadKOF challenged them at KOF98, arguably the main game in China, next to KOF97. Then for the main course: MadKOF vs Xiaohai! Who will win that 10,000 USD prize at the Global ID Tournament??? …

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