to korea!!! THIS GAIJIN CAN WIN! CE GAIJIN PEUT GAGNER! CAFEID GLOBAL TOURNAMENT Nous (MM,SBR,ON) voulions envoyer Frionel, mais ca sera moins cher pour Fox du fait qu’il est déja au Japon … Si l’objectif n’est pas atteint au 25 Mars, vous serez remboursé (moins les frais paypal) We want to send Frionel but Fox …

Can a gaijin win at Nishinippori?

MEGA SHOCK ENDING Team battle 52 by nico user 書@VERSUS . Even though there it was this talk about this event being 2 lives each, ultimately it seems that they had to cut things short with a single try per person. Sub-character day, it seems. Team 1p : Ishihara Satomi , Azuki Neko , Keizu …

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