#ivgc Team Battle/ Bala, BigFool, Ryan Hart & Will2Pac

Team Battle A. Gunsmith, Martin, Shaman, Mitch, Makbeth, Bubblan, Salad, Bubblan B. Roatse, Sean, Shinkawa, BigFool, Semper, Tahar, Reds, Queuete, Bala === More casuals after this important message! === HELP FOX GET TO KOREA!!! Every donator over 20€ will be entered into a draw to win a tshirt signed by…


to korea!!! THIS GAIJIN CAN WIN! CE GAIJIN PEUT GAGNER! CAFEID GLOBAL TOURNAMENT Nous (MM,SBR,ON) voulions envoyer Frionel, mais ca sera moins cher pour Fox du fait qu’il est déja au Japon … Si l’objectif n’est pas atteint au 25 Mars, vous serez remboursé (moins les frais paypal) We want…

@ArcadeStreet #kofxiii tournament Replay

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Watch live video from arcadestreet on TwitchTV Featuring Fox, Brownsky, Jymtonic and more!

Yatagarasu with Fox @arcadestreet / 4.3 Combos

Last night we ran Yatagarasu at Arcade Street, here’s some footage. Fox comes on with Chadha near the end! Watch live video from arcadestreett on TwitchTV Want to get in on the action? Grab the game from Rice Digital Here’s a combo movie!

Yatagarasu Fox vs Frionel Friday

You may remember our Day 1 matches from Arcade Street.  This Friday we’re stepping it up, having had more practice on the game. We will be joined by JPKOF as commentator for the Fox vs Frionel rematch, plus perhaps a few known 3S players will be joining us on the stream. Make…