News from Dune in Japan

There’s a big tournament in the works in Tokyo… ┬áDune is working with multiple arcades to hold 7 tournaments as preliminaries, and the winning team of each of them will be able to proceed to the finals on Jan 13. The rules are still being hammered out but it’s going to be a 2-on-2. Shinjuku …

Tim119 Returns to SVB 2012

The 2009 KOF champ returns from Taiwan! Here’s a look at the finals again, where you will also hear Gunsmith’s early attempts at commentary lol, feat guests Bullet Proof and Dobiqwolf. And here you can see Tim119 playing XIII, using Kyo, Daimon and Joe. He has already signed up for the 3on3, come join us …

Essex Gamers Arena RanBat #3&4 FINALS

kup├┤ Here are the finals of the 3rd & 4th Essex Gamers Arena RanBat which was held in Lyon, FRANCE RB#3 WINNERS FINALS [youtube][/youtube] LOOSERS FINALS [youtube][/youtube] GRAND FINALS [youtube][/youtube] RB#4 FINALS [youtube][/youtube]

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