KCE 399, 400 – KOF2002UM Cup

So you want more old KOF? *sigh* We aim to please! This just in from KCE! More top tier action from Japan! Mari chan is here too! 「KOF2002UM KCE公開動画399 第3回KCEカップ02UM部門準決勝」 続きはこちら⇒ http://www.nicovideo.jp/watch/1339688461?nicorepomail 「KOF2002UM KCE公開動画400 第3回KCEカップ02UM部門決勝」 続きはこちら⇒ http://www.nicovideo.jp/watch/1339703403?nicorepomail

Top Players from the East: a review

I actually haven’t finished the fourth report but Shadowloo’s stream had me gunning for the keyboard. re: Oz Old Timer asked about Oz playing 13. Now I didn’t see that much but he entered the team battle tournament, lost and went home. I cant remember what characters he was using apart from dlc iori and …

Climax Report II

Spot 21 Met up with Haregoro and Dune (pronounced Doo-nay). This is… pretty much a bad place to go because it’s expensive and the monitor (vewlix) seems a little laggy. HOWEVER, they allow you to record matches and burn them onto a dvd! Dune and Haregoro were very kind to me, while kicking seven shades …

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