“Change of State” video subtitled by Gato Ray

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This video covers the changes that occur when these characters go into their different modes eg: drunk/hyper/saiyan Gatoray did a lovely job with the subtitles. Enjoy! And you thought my subtitles were fast? Lol.

ON FGC Anti Hwa Guide

With everyone’s help I wouldn’t have been able to do this so thanks again to everyone who gave their support!!! KOFGC is here again! French version NOTES If you do a high jump and hwa does dp D, and tries to drive cancel into qcb B, it will whiff, unless…

Keykakko Hwa Study

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Keykakko posted up a video of Hwa’s grab special, showing the difference when drunk. It could be argued that most opponents will jump so the startup invincibility is useless, but there are other situations this could be useful for. And look at that damage!


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T SHIRT COMING SOON ^^ This is version 0.2 I’ll probably be too drunk to message you for NYE, so just in case MERRY CHRISTMAS AND A HAPPY NEW YEAR!!!!! Whatever game you’re playing, whatever you’re doing, have a good one!!!!!!