Koukou CONFIRMED for Stunfest

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http://www.signedbyr.com/fr/point-sur-la-venue-de-koukou/ But they still need donations to cover hotel and travel and generally making sure Koukou is treated well. Please give what you can to Shin.rickyo95@gmail.com Thanks to all who have donated!!!!


Spare a thought for planning your next tournament…. whether it be Stunfest, Evo or WGC or….. SEASON CLASH II Don’t forget MaxMode’s Season Clash II is this Sunday!   WGC UPDATES Another side tournament announced…. nuff said.   The Next 3ON3 Arcade Street 22nd March!  Sign up here or on Facebook. DONATION…

Which player do you want at #WGC2013?

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Can’t fly to the US or Asia to play the legends of the game?  Let’s fly them here instead!!!  We’re going to start taking donations soon to kidnap an international player and bring them to WGC 2013!!!  Add a name!  Vote!!! It’s probably a good idea to book your tickets…