Esaka Showdown! + 50% discount on SNK titles #Steam

We recently asked on the Facebook group, Which Esaka is best? And people seemed to go a bit nuts. So this time, we’ve got a voting form for you, along with all the tracks šŸ™‚ I defy you not to feel shivers down your spine when you listen to KOF…

Cannes Discount ends today/ Sako attending

#cwc2015 early bird discount ends today! Hori.Sako is confirmed to be attending! Also, dead games and new!

$20,000+ to win! #IGT2014 #SF4AE #KOFXIII #UMVC3

Japanese French Korean ģ“ķ•˜   Ā NOTICE Please use thisĀ Hyatt Reservation Form REVISED 20MARĀ (doc) (pdf) to get the special CAFEID discount. Please fill it out and email it toĀ   update! CONFIRMED PLAYERS: KOUKOU, ET, REN, OOGOSHO, MARN, INFILTRATION, GAMERBEE, XIAOHAI, DAKOU, SANGE TENCHOUĀ AND MORE (SEE BELOW) The biggest pot in…

Hypespotting 3 Interview

Today we have a special guest, the head honcho of Hypespotting, Walter Fraser, the main man behind the scenes of Scotland’s major, Hypespotting,Ā talking to us about the announcement of the third in the series, historical moments of past, ps3 exclusives shooting themselves in the foot and some ponies. What in…

20% off with discount code!

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Until November 12!!! New designs just in and you can change the colour of the shirt! Here is the code for 20% off your entire order! EARLY20 Don’t miss out!