Canton Cup 6 Results and Replays

As expected, Xiaohai reached the finals, what wasn’t expected was who went all the way to meet him there. It was not Mad Kof. It was not Ren. It was Freezer, who traveled all the way from Morocco! The full brackets are here. Don’t miss the first clash of legends in KOFXIV, including Mad kof …

Canton Cup Streaming Now #KOFXIII feat Xiaohai Dakou Poongko

CANTON CUP 2015 OK LET’S GO Tune into the stream at! Update: On the 3rd January, KOF will start at 10am (3am in Paris FR, 6pm in Los Angeles, US) and go all the way to grand finals, with USF finals afterwards. The last tournament of 2015 featuring KOF13 and USF4 will take place …

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