This video goes over what DHALSIM can do in the 01.05 BETA of SFV. It goes over Basic Combos, V-Trigger Combos, V-Skill Combos, Counter Combos, as well as Critical Art Combos. Bare in mind that this footage is from the BETA and these combos may or may not work in the final version. Also, with …

Benimaru Combo Vid by Kiyotaka #KOFXIII & Friday Night Stream

In typically wonderfully organised fashion, Kiyotaka has produced a combo video for Benimaru, starting with how Mr Electrifying can do damage with zero stock up to full raijinkalicious power.  You will need a HD bar, however.  Doing 568 damage with zero stock might just turn some heads, and even if you started this combo without the flying …

Metal Slug 20% off for a limited time only! #KOF2002um Combos by GeOS

CLASSIC METAL SLUG ON STEAM The original Metal Slug is headed to Steam, with online co-op and leaderboards! Pre-orders are now available at 20% off! Get it here http://store.steampowered.com/app/366250/   KOF2002UM Combos Here’s a fun combo video by GeOS for KOF2002UM on STEAM, using Boss Characters! Get the game here !

King of Fighters CMV – Billy Kane : Outlaw Edition

It’s been awhile since my last CMV, but today I bring you my Billy Kane : Outlaw Edition. He has a few nifty things you can do that allows for combo extensions, but unfortunately Billy is mainly a corner combo character so most of his combos either lead to or are in the corner. Outside …

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