Garou concept sketches, NEO2, #KOFXIV Cannes updates

(*updated with moar sketches!) MMO screens / EU Online Tournament! The KOFXIV producer has been sharing gems on his Facebook page from time to time and it’s fascinating to have a look at the creation process that goes into making a fighting game. Here we can see the first design for the Buster Wolf, which …

#Tokido streaming now #USF4 #Italy #IGT2015 Attendees #KOF #DOA #GGXRD

Today’s update has USF4 action warming up for Redbull Kumite, a KOF introduction from the Italian Stallion, Attendee updates for IGT2015 and a happy update for the Freezer drive! FREEZER DRIVE UPDATE! Big shout out to Youness Nali for his huge donation! THANK YOUUUUUU!!! We only need around 200 more to reach the target! WE CAN …

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